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NEW "Hieroglyphics of the final days"a work intense as a love letter, with the unconscious power of prophesy. An authentic adventure in search of lost true. The book is translate in English by Dave Fox

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Sketchblock, It's a surreal log written during travels interwoven with stories of love and mystique, a sort of black box safely stored in the disorder of my scribblings 7,90 Compra,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...



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Sferism, utopia or art for a new time?
Sferico & spherism


BEAUTY ETHIC “I work incessantly on the “goodness” of form because i know with certainty that, however much suffering there may be, it remains the only road to transformation and redemption from evil. Beauty reflects the miracle of life,which is to say one intuits in my works but a pale reflection.”

. .............. Sferico's exhibition by UBS Bank, Lugano

marble sculptures WORKSHOP

Sferico has returned from a long period sculpting in marble caves. "I have lived among the blocks, struggled to gain by hard work beauty from the square masses. The workers who are by now part of my family have have strived side by side for the geometrical precision of my human forms."

Sferico's marble sculpture, Trung & Cam work on the "Moon"


Spherism is the artistic movement founded by Sferico based on the concept of the round form in a broad sense. If Cubism begins with the object, portraying it from different angles, Spherism centres the object in anharmonious vision, that is, its point of equilibrium..

SFERICO & the PAINTING News::in preperation is a new volume on philosophical painting . Visual analysis of the pictorial details by the artist and in - depth critical studies, a journey into the symbolic word of mystical tales.

Novels, sferico's life

The volume is a treatise on Spherism. It analyses post-war art to arrive at new philosophy overcoming the contemporary crisis in art and opening oneself to the future " continuing the past". (200 pp. colour plates and critical text of the work) Tranchida Editore, written by Melanie Moore-Sferico. 19   Compra o .or buy it by the net


Sferico gives us idyllic works of heavenly style which contrasts with the ubiquitous vulgarity today. There is a description of heavenly concepts which I find just refreshing in this age of crude materialism. . Sir John Eccles (Nobel prize)

Sferico sculpture workshop


"Beauty is a ladder towards heaven: a work of art must bring harmony and elevate us, to be surrounded by my sculptures means a better life." (Sferico)

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Sferico: an architect of thought or a stylist in art?


sferico is architect but art is his life and his mission pop music

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Sferico, idealist with a life of iron discipline, adolescent marked by a precocious dedication to art as a mission, sculpts “Family” at fourteen years of age and he realized his first philosophical painting.


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